One of the first musical memories I have is hearing Let it Be by The Beatles.  I had this tiny jukebox player and I played it over and over.  I was probably two or three at the time.  Every since, I was hooked on music. 

I am a singer/songwriter who writes and performs both original music, and covers.   In 2008 I released ny debut CD called Good in Red.  I play in a five piece band called Barry and the Combustibles as well as an acoutic duo called The Barry Fantle Duo.  In both, we play my originals as well as an eclectic mix of classic rock and pop.

I am available to perform for your
private or company gatherings as well as bars/clubs. 
Playing at Derwood Stock at The Outta the Way Cafe.
Jamming at Jammin Java.
Photo by Lynn Fantle at Little Bennett Regional Park in Boyds, MD.